The 2019 Writivism Festival
15 Aug · National Theatre of Uganda

Festivals are for partying, so if you'd like to let your hair down, and relieve some of the stress of year, then join us at the 2019 Writivism Festival.

We've got loads of fun planned for this event and we hope can join us.

And guess what, its free !!!

So, what's your excuse? Won't you join in the fun?

#UnbreakableBonds #Writivism2019 #EastAfricaArts

15th - 18th August
05:00 AM
National Theatre of Uganda
The Writivism Festival

7th Writivism Festival on August 15 - 18, 2019 at the National Theatre, Kampala, Uganda, includes book launches, prize awards, keynote addresses, band music and poetry night.

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