Indigitous #hack4missions Kampala 2019
04 Oct · Ebenezer Chapel

Indigitous #Hack is a global annual weekend hackathon & ongoing Ecosystem where global issues are tackled from a Christian perspective. In October, join Christian technologists from across the Uganda and beyond to kick start projects and share ideas that integrate your Christian faith and your technical skill set.

You don’t have to be a programmer to get involved. There is a place for designers, photographers, writers, project managers, ministry leaders, students, social media gurus and creative thinkers of all types! The most important skill is the abilities to work with others and find ways to solve problems.

This hackathon will have global ramifications through the solutions participants will bring to challenges facing missions efforts around the world. But it will also be a catalytic paradigm explosion for the developers, engineers, and designers who participate as they come to see their unique role in God's global mission. Not just that they have a part to play, but that their part is indispensable!

If you're excited about this sort of thing, there is a role for you in the #Hack, no matter your skills, interests or availability.

4th - 6th October
12:00 PM
Ebenezer Chapel
Indigitous #Hack 4 Missions

Indigitous #Hack is a weekend hackathon. Using technology, we tackle from a Christian perspective the challenges confronting our society, our churches,

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